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Saturday, March 31, 2012

'Mirror Mirror': The Reviews Are In!

Critics agree the Snow White adaptation is 'not the fairest of them all.'
By Fallon Prinzivalli

Lily Collins in "Mirror, Mirror"
Photo: Relativity Media

Before it even hit the box office, "Mirror Mirror" was viewed with a critical eye as two Snow White adaptations had announced their release dates a month apart. But with the release of the trailers, it was clear that the two movies were very different. The Tarsem Singh film is a quirky comedy from the vantage point of the Evil Queen (Julia Roberts) over the traditional Snow White (Lily Collins), while "Snow White and the Huntsman" is about the epic battle Snow White (Kristen Stewart) must fight for her life. Unfortunately for those involved in the former, as the reviews pour in, it's obvious the movie is making critics grumpy.

The Story
" 'Mirror Mirror' begins with an impressively animated recap of Snow White's predicament: Banished to her castle by a wicked stepmother after her father the king disappears, and being played by such a vacantly pretty ingenue as Lily Collins. Collins conveys a properly Audrey Hepburn princess look and the acting range of a runway model. The damsel's role is always distressed. The queen has run the kingdom into the ground, funding a lavish lifestyle with escalating taxes. After sneaking out for a tour of the squalor, Snow sides with the other 99 percent. Their relationship is further strained with the arrival of handsome Prince Alcott." — Steve Persall, Tampa Bay Times

The Laughs
" 'Mirror Mirror' is unfair to people expecting more than a few good laughs. Scenes proceed lethargically, with pauses after punch lines where Tarsem must hope for audience laughter. Anachronistic gags (as when the Prince tells Snow White that he has to be the hero because 'it's been focus-grouped — it works') break whatever luscious spell the art direction and costumery might create. On their first meeting in the woods, the Prince tells the dwarfs, 'You're short, and it's funny.' Well, the film is shortish (106 mins.) but it's also epically unfunny. The producers should have handed the script to an actual clever person like Paul Rudnick ('In & Out,' 'Jeffrey') and told him to send it back in a week, with solid jokes and a buoyant spirit." — Richard Corliss, Time

Julia Roberts
"Roberts has had exactly one high point ('Duplicity') since winning her Oscar in 2000, and she acts here as if simply appearing in a floofy dress is high hilarity. Her 'playfulness' seems like work and her cartoony maliciousness is dull. (Charlize Theron, who plays the queen in this summer's more serious 'Snow White and the Huntsman,' needn't fret.)" — Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News

The Visuals
"Singh, whose eye-popping tribute to the Silent Era, 'The Fall,' was several years ahead of 'The Artist'/'Hugo' curve, never lets his attention waver from the production design — those beautiful, snowy, birch tree forests; the parapets; cliffs; and opulent palace digs. He lets his stars deliver their lines — some with more flourish and wit than others (among the dwarfs, Jordan Prentice and Danny Woodburn get off the best) — but his eye is mostly on the gilt and the silk, the CG-ed skies, and the eerie, iced-over lake that separates the castle from the town." — Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

The Final Word
"The whole thing lacks tonal cohesion, lurching from Tim Burton-style comic grotesquerie to underpowered action set pieces to a gratuitously self-referential Bollywood production number on the end credits. The impression is that of a director constantly fighting to put his stamp on material that's foreign to him, and unable to figure out what that stamp should be." — David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

"Not the fairest of them all." — Matt Stevens, E! Online

Check out everything we've got on "Mirror Mirror."

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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Pat Curran gets the belt and four new featherweight challengers at Bellator

HAMMOND, Ind. -- Bellator's season six started with a new champ, a terrible stoppage, and four featherweights getting closer to challenging for the belt.

Joe Warren started with a nasty takedown, and from the start, his wrestling controlled most of the bout. Curran's one big moment in the first round came when he knocked Warren down with a head kick, and followed it up with several strikes on the ground, but Warren survived. When Curran tried a flying knee, Warren used it for a takedown. Warren had more takedowns and control in the first round. Action slowed in the second round, as Warren was able to get takedowns, but not hold Curran down.

After Curran's corner told him he was down two rounds, he came out in the third round with full intent to end the fight. Curran's bevy of strikes put Warren against the fence. The fence was the only thing holding Warren up as he withstood several shots from Curran. The fight went on much longer than it needed to, and was finally stopped at 1:25 in the third round.

Warren went to the hospital after the bout. Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney said he was complaining of nausea and also had a hand injury. Rebney also said he was surprised the stoppage wasn't sooner.

"Watching it live and again on tape, yeah, it could have been stopped earlier," Rebney said.

Curran agreed.

"I knew I had him hurt. I could see in it in his eyes. They could have stopped it a little sooner."

Warren's last fight was a quick knockout, which caused Curran to think Warren couldn't survive many strikes. Though Curran won, he was impressed with Warren's chin.

"I was impressed with his chin and his heart. I thought he was going to have a glass jaw after that."

In earlier action in the featherweight tournament, Daniel Straus and Jeremy Spoon had a back and forth battle that went the full three rounds. Straus showed good takedown defense on his way to a 30-27, 29-28, 29-28 decision win.

Hometown fighter Mike Corey stole the first round with a strong last thirty seconds, taking down Ronnie Mann and throwing several punches. Mann was saved by the bell. That turned the momentum in Corey's favor for the rest of the fight, as he used ground and pound to brutalize Mann on the way to a three-round decision win, 29-28 on all three judges' cards. Corey had taken the fight on short notice after Wagnney Fabiano was injured.

Marlon Sandro moved on n the featherweight tournament by landing punch combos and knees, then choking out Roberto Vargas at 3:35 in the first round. Afterwards, he celebrated by donning the centurion helmet and shield shown in Bellator's logo.

Alexandre "PoPo" Bezerra punched his ticket to the featherweight semifinals by making choking out Kenny Foster in the first round. After battering Foster for much of the round, Bezerra applied a rear naked choke with less than 10 seconds left in the round. Foster tapped as soon as it was applied, giving Bezerra the win at 4:57.

After the fights, Rebney announced the semifinals will pit Sandro vs. Bezerra and Straus vs. Corey.


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Nick Diaz?s attorney doesn?t take kindly to calling his client a liar

Nick Diaz's disciplinary hearing in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission for allegedly failing a post-fight drug screen after his loss to Carlos Condit on Feb. 4 in Las Vegas at UFC 143 figures to be a doozy.

The hearing isn't scheduled yet, though it's expected to be sometime next month. If things remain as contentious as they have been between Diaz's attorney Ross Goodman and the commission this week, tickets are going to be harder to come by than those for the Final Four.

Goodman has taken an aggressive stance and asserts that Diaz has not tested positive for a banned substance. Goodman argues that Diaz did not test positive for Delta-9-THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, but rather for marijuana metabolites. Those metabolites are an inactive ingredient in marijuana and are not on the World Anti Doping Agency's banned list that Nevada uses, Goodman said.

Goodman is clearly going to fight the case bitterly, and on Thursday, he railed against statements made by the public information officer for the Nevada attorney general's office.

Yahoo! Sports on Monday and Tuesday reached out to Christopher Eccles, the Nevada deputy attorney general who represents the athletic commission, seeking comment on points Goodman raised. Under a new policy instituted by attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto, however, her deputies are not allowed to speak to the media as they have in the past.

As a result, public information officer Jennifer M. Lopez returned the call for Eccles and later released a statement. Via email, Lopez said, "Not only did Nick Diaz violate the law by testing positive for marijuana metabolites, but he also lied to the Commission on his Pre-Fight Questionnaire when he swore that he had not used any prescribed medications in two weeks before the fight."

It is unusual for a spokesperson for an attorney general's office to call a person who will soon have a hearing in front of a state regulatory agency a liar.

Her statement probably wouldn't have been given much notice, though, had she said Diaz must have been mistaken when he checked no to a question asking if he'd taken any prescription medications in the preceding two weeks prior to the Feb. 3 weigh-in.

But saying outright that Diaz lied put Goodman even more in attack mode. He came out swinging on Thursday and insisted that Diaz did not lie when he checked no when he said he had not taken any prescription medications in the preceding two weeks.

The Nevada law that deals with medical marijuana doesn't regard it as a prescription drug. No doctor is able to prescribe it because it is a controlled substance.

Chapter 453A.210 of the Nevada Revised Statutes lays out the requirements to obtain a registry card for medical marijuana. To get the card, patients must comply with the following regulations:

(1) The person has been diagnosed with a chronic or debilitating medical condition;
(2) The medical use of marijuana may mitigate the symptoms or effects of that condition; and
(3) The attending physician has explained the possible risks and benefits of the medical use of marijuana;
(b) The name, address, telephone number, social security number and date of birth of the person;
(c) Proof satisfactory to the Division that the person is a resident of this State;
(d) The name, address and telephone number of the person's attending physician; and
(e) If the person elects to designate a primary caregiver at the time of application:
(1) The name, address, telephone number and social security number of the designated primary caregiver; and
(2) A written, signed statement from the person's attending physician in which the attending physician approves of the designation of the primary caregiver.

"Nowhere in there does it say that the attending physician is prescribing marijuana," Goodman said. "And so, for obvious reasons, before you speak and call someone a liar, you think you'd do a little bit of due diligence and understand what the Nevada law actually says."

Diaz manager Cesar Gracie said in a 2009 interview with MMA Fighting that "Nick has a prescription for marijuana in California. He has had a prescription for the last couple years, so it's a legal drug for him. He has the prescription for ADHD [Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder], and he says it helps him."

But Goodman said it is all irrelevant. He said no reasonable person regards marijuana as either a prescription drug or an over the counter medication.

"It's not like you walk into the pharmacy and start looking around on the shelves and hope to pick up a bag of marijuana," Goodman said. "That's ridiculous. No reasonable person would believe that medical marijuana falls under the category of over the counter medications."

Curiously, though, in his response to the commission, Goodman himself made a big deal about a prescription. He referenced NRS 484C.210, which deals with prohibited substances. Goodman bolded a section which said "if the person who uses the substance has not been issued a valid prescription ... "

Diaz may ultimately be forced to accept a lengthy suspension. He was suspended for six months in Nevada in 2007 for failing a marijuana test. On Jan. 31, boxer Matt Vanda had a hearing after testing positive for a second time. Vanda was suspended for a year and fined 40 percent of his purse.

If Diaz goes down, though, he's not going to make it simple on the commission. This isn't going to be a case where the fighter hangs his or her head, is lectured to by the commissioners and then apologizes profusely and meekly accepts the punishment issued.

Goodman will make certain of that.


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Cagewriter interview: Tyron Woodley planning for Nate Marquardt and beyond

It was a typical Wednesday night for Tyron Woodley. After training, he darted between training a woman working hard to get in shape, two teenagers working on their striking skills, conducting an interview with Cagewriter, and keeping an eye on kids' wrestling practice at ATT: Evolution in suburban St. Louis.

At the same time, it was a far from typical evening. Woodley was waiting to show his new gym to Ricardo Liborio, the head of American Top Team and Woodley's longtime coach. He nervously checked his phone and watched the door.

Juggling several roles at once is something Woodley is used to doing. He's a fighter for Strikeforce who expects to fight on May 19 against Nate Marquardt for the Strikeforce welterweight belt. He is the father of three boys. He is the founder and head coach at AT: Evolution.

But on this night? He's a nervous student who can't wait to show off his masterpiece to his teacher.

Woodley has been talking about building a gym that serves entire families for years. He once even dreamed about the gym he would one day own.

"When I walk through this door, and I look down the hallway, I see what I saw in my head seven years ago in a dream. I smell the smells I smelled in the dream. I see the people working the way I saw them in a dream. For me, it's something God promised me and it's coming forth. People thought I was crazy, but those people who didn't think I could do it are now left in the back," Woodley said.

Liborio proudly smiled when he walked through the door. He immediately congratulated Woodley on the gym that housed a play area for toddlers next to a wrestling space for top-notch fighters. ATT: Evolution's vision is to welcome both.

"We have a family fitness center. We specialize in youth classes, and we specialize in fitness, but we have pro classes, too. We want the elite. We got guys who are established. Luigi Fioravanti just relocated here. You're going to see us develop a fight team, and start running the table. I want guys who have the interest and the work ethic to become the champion, and then iron's gonna sharpen iron."

Preparing for Marquardt

And that environment is what Woodley will use to prepare for the as-yet unconfirmed bout with Marquardt. Though the UFC veteran just recently signed with Strikeforce, Woodley has been preparing for Marquardt for years.

"I had him in my mind for a while. Vitor Belfort wanted me to train with him for the Anthony Johnson fight, but I when I found out Marquardt and GSP were there, I decided not to go because, in my mind, these are guys I'm going to compete against. BAMMA showed some interest in having me fight for their title, so it's been a couple times that our names have been in the same sentence."

Marquardt has long been a top gameplanner, which is something Woodley is preparing for.

"I like the guy. I respect him, but he's working with Greg Jackson. Those guys can piece together a great game plan. They can take one or two things that I do and build a game plan."

But Woodley has fought only 10 bouts. He doesn't think he's yet shown his full arsenal.

"Nobody's seen what I'm fully capable of doing. But for him, I have 40-50 fights to look at. He's very crafty at what he does. He's fairly athletic for his size, but I don't think he's athletic as I am or as fast as I am."

Woodley said he's confident in beating Marquardt, but is also planning for a life beyond fighting.

"God told me this is it. This will be my last job. Fighting won't be my last job. I'll do it for another five, six years. I'll do some other things. I have a couple opportunities to do some movies, do some work in entertainment, but when it's all said and done, this is where I want to end up at. I want to bring this gym, bring ATT:Evolution along the ride with my career with MMA, with coaching, with managing. When all is said and done, this gym will have been the link to it all."


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'Low power' server packs 64 Xeon processors

SeaMicro says it has packed 64 Intel Xeon processors into a device it says & uses half the power, takes one-third the space, and delivers
twelve times the bandwidth of today's best-in-class servers.& The SM10000-XE has up to 2 terabytes of DDR3 memory, up to 64 SATA hard disks or solid state drives (SSDs), and up to 16 10 gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) or 64 1GbE ports, the company says....


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Friday, March 30, 2012

The Nature Conservancy and The Chill Foundation First Two Charities Selected for the Jimmie Johnson Foundation Blue Bunny Helmet of Hope

Jimmie Johnson FoundationMARTINSVILLE, VA (March 30, 2012) ?� The Nature Conservancy and The Chill Foundation are the first two charities selected for the 2012 Jimmie Johnson Foundation Blue Bunny Helmet of Hope, which Johnson will wear in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series event at Infineon Raceway on June 24, 2012. Each organization will also receive...more»


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Friday night talkback thread: Bellator and two TUFs

Another Friday night means more live fights on basic cable for your enjoyment. On MTV2, Bellator 62 will feature the opening round of the lightweight tournament. Patricky "Pitbull" Freire will take on Lloyd Woodard and his awesome mustache, J.J. Ambrose will fight Brent Weedman, Olympian Rick Hawn faces off with Ricardo Tirloni and Thiago Michel will fight Rene Nazare. They are all hoping to win the tournament to get a shot at Bellator lightweight champ Michael Chandler.

On "The Ultimate Fighter," Justin Lawrence will fight Cristiano Marcello in a battle of two highly-touted fighters. Tune into FX for the live fight.

This weekend, fight fans can also tune into the debut of the Brazilian version of "The Ultimate Fighter." The show will stream online at at midnight ET.

Use this post to talk about the weekend's MMA happenings, or go to Cagewriter's Facebook and Twitter page.


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Windells Spring Break Camps

MT HOOD, OR - MARCH 2012 - This season at the "funnest" place on Earth, Spring Break campers won't see a minute of down time. Mt. Hood has seen more snow this season than the rest of the country. Timberline accumulated over 15" of new snow just last weekend and it's still coming down. Mt. Hood's snowiest months - April, May and June are upon us, making Windells Annual Spring Break Camps the place to be. Spots are still open for all sessions. Spring Break Camp allows for more one-on-one time with the industry's best coaches. Overnight Camp ensures transportation to and from the airport, 24-hour supervision, professional coaching on and off hill, comfortable lodging, three meals a day, lift tickets to Timberline Lodge and Mt Hood Meadows, video analysis, and access to the Demo Shed to test out the latest and greatest snowboard, ski and skate gear. This year, Windells invites locals to take advantage of a $100-$200 discount on Spring Break registration if campers have a pass to either Timberline or Mt. Hood Meadows, or both. Spring Break Session 1: March 24th-30th Spring Break Session 2: April 9th-15th Spring Break Session 3: April 16th-22nd Windells is an international hub - a gathering place for the world's elite action sports athletes. The 53-acre campus is an all-inclusive training center; 80,000 ft of innovative skate terrain, a two lane dry slope with fun jib features, and the Northwest's largest indoor skate park with two Olympic style trampolines and a giant foam pit for never ending fun. After a day of riding great snow or traveling to one of Portland's awesome skate parks, campers head back to campus to enjoy the campus amenities and tons of fun activities throughout the evening. Over the past two decades, Windells has played a major role in the development of snowboarding, freestyle skiing, skateboarding and BMX. Windells' goal is not only to improve the skills of the kids, teens, and adults that come to camp, but to create a fun, safe and creative environment for individuals to express themselves through action sports. Windells accommodates campers of any age and any skill level. For more information visit or feel free to call Windells toll free number 1(800) 765-7669.


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Smith, Furniture Row Racing Eyeing Martinsville for Breakthrough Race

NSCS Regan Smith - Photo Credit: John Harrelson/Getty Images for NASCAR DENVER, Colo. (March 28, 2012) – Regan Smith and his Furniture Row Racing team are looking for a breakthrough performance as the young season approaches the sixth Sprint Cup race of 2012 — the Goody’s Fast Relief 500 at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway. Entering Sunday’s...more»


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Inside the "American Idol" Mansion

The nine remaining contestants give us a look at their fancy Hollywood home. Get a peek at the lavish pad.


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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Report: Back in Black? California mulling return of vintage-style plates

Filed under: , ,

California Assemblyman Mike Gatto has introduced Bill 1658, which could eventually return three kinds of vintage license plates to California roads: yellow and black plates from the mid 1950s, black and yellow plates from the 1960s - such as the sample 1963 plate pictured - and blue and yellow plates from the '70s.

The initiative is called the Legacy License Plate Program, but before you collectors and period-correct enthusiasts salivate over - or lament - the possibilities, it has a few hurdles to clear. First, the bill has to be passed when its put to a vote on April 9, which is expected. Then it would only come into effect after 2,500 people had signed up for the plates, assuming that the DMV did its math correctly and had enough money to pay for it. Finally, once all of that got checked off, the program would begin in 2014.

Current regulations mean that in California, the license plate has almost always lived with the car since new, so if you see a black plate on a 1966 Corvair, then that tag was minted the same year as that Chevrolet. The plates will be updated to modern standards, e.g., reflective paint, so they won't look just like the old timers, but we figure vintage-minded owners won't be fussed at all.

Back in Black? California mulling return of vintage-style plates originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 29 Mar 2012 12:59:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Tampa Pro highlights

During the first day of competition at Tampa Pro 2012, Luis Tolentino catches up with some of his favorite skaters Zered Bassett, Vincent Alvarez and Torey Pudwill to see what makes them click. We catch the highlights of the best skating of Saturday's prelims and find out how the skaters we're watching in Sunday's finals made it there in the first place.


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How to wrangle your virtual machines

Virtualization cuts hardware, power, and real estate costs by combining multiple servers, networks, and storage arrays into virtual pools. But for users like Pat O'Day, CTO at hosting and managed services provider BlueLock LLC, managing those resource pools means wrestling with multiple applications.

"There's a backup console, the SAN has a console, antivirus has a console -- everything has its own console," says O'Day. Buying all of those applications and training staffers to use them is costly and makes it hard to tune a virtualized environment to meet changing needs.


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Weekly Grind 03-28-2012

John John Florence wins the Telstra Drug Aware Pro at Margaret River, overtaking some legends from the past.


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Sauber: No reason to be unhappy

Sauber says it has no reason to feel unhappy about missing out on a possible victory in the Malaysian Grand Prix, despite a late race excursion costing Sergio Perez a chance to overhaul Fernando Alonso.


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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Report: Daimler and BYD team up to create Denza brand in China

Filed under: , , , ,

It's been two years since the union between Mercedes-Benz and BYD, and now the first fruits of that labor are about to be unveiled. The joint venture will sell a line of electric vehicles under the Denza brand name, starting with the E6 built on the platform from the first-generation Mercedes-Benz B-Class, a preview of which is shown above in a a Chinese patent filing.

Mercedes is said to be handling design and chassis duties, while BYD is developing the lithium-ion phosphate cells and driveline that will occupy the sandwich floor. Prototypes have been running since last April, at least 40 of which have racked up nearly two million miles as taxis. Range is said to be up to 186 miles, and we should get a first look at the real thing at next month's Beijing Auto Show.

Daimler and BYD team up to create Denza brand in China originally appeared on Autoblog on Wed, 28 Mar 2012 18:19:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Reader Rants: Takes on Jose Aldo, ?The Ultimate Fighter? and touching gloves

Welcome to another edition of Reader Rants, where your opinions take center stage. Taken from the Cagewriter Facebook page, each rant comes from a Cagereader. If you want to join in, go to Cagewriter's Facebook page, like it, and comment on stories.

No opponent has yet been named for Jose Aldo's title bout in Calgary. One reader wants to see him try out lightweight instead.

I'd like to see him test the waters at 155, a la Anderson vs Irvin/Griffin. I think he would be the most likely candidate for a concurrent belt holder. (Jones at HW is ridiculous. He is an awesome, absolutely spectacular fighter, but his frame is not that of a HW.) -- John Wilcox

Friday night's "The Ultimate Fighter" quick ending also caused a reaction.

I don't like abusing the term "got caught" when referring to a fighter being stopped via KO or submission, but that's exactly what happened to Daron Cruikshank. I appreciate what James Vick pulled off, but I can't unequivocally say he's the better fighter. -- Brandon Artiles

But nothing inspired more comments than Sheila Gaff's knockout of Jennifer Maia. When Maia raised her hand to touch gloves, Gaff started swinging.

They touched gloves earlier. It should be discussed before the fight if they will touch gloves at 1st round. For all we know, she had her arm outstretched to size up distance. I doubt it, but we have no clue what was going through her head. Maybe they decided to touch gloves at the beginning of the round and the other girl screwed her over, who knows? -- Will Howard

She was totally in the right throwing that punch. The referee says 2 things at the start of the fight "obey my commands at all times" and "protect yourselves at all times". Touching gloves should be outlawed once the fight begins, it causes too many of these issues (Wes Sims v Frank Mir 1). It also puts the fighters at a disadvantage. If they touch gloves they give up their range, if they don't it's perceived as poor sportsmanship when all they're doing is following referee instructions. -- Ellis Lett Garnette

The bell rang, it was on. Yes, touching gloves is a classy thing to do but it is a tactical decision that came back to bite her. That said, it was a cheap shot. -- Nick Sicinski


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Sauber: podium provides financial boost

Sauber chiefs are upbeat that the team's best ever result in the Malaysian Grand Prix will help it boost its financial situation.


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Storm Riders - Almost Live Season 4 Episode 5

In season 4 episode 5 of Teton Gravity Research's Almost Live, Matt Philippi, Forrest Shearer and Max Hammer have a fun session riding powder during an epic storm at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. There's a reason TGR's headquarters is at the base, right next to the tram -- it's for storm days like this. The "Almost Live" series takes you around the globe with the TGR production team and athletes. Get an inside look at what goes into first descents, building and hitting massive backcountry jumps, traveling throughout the most exotic locales on the planet, and the lives of the world's top riders. "Almost Live" plants you on location with the TGR crew. You will be able to track our progress throughout the season, and watch the drama unfold. Music Courtesy of Small Stone Song: "The Ghost of Duane" by Magnet School off the album Tonight We Drink... Tomorrow We Battle The Evil At Hand - Instrumental Versions Click Here To Watch More Almost Live Episodes:


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Reader rants: Cagereaders speak up on ?Rampage,? ranking weight classes and fighter excuses

Welcome to another edition of Reader Rants, where Cagereaders get their say. Readers weighed in on Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, ranking the weight classes, and a little civil discourse. If you want to be included in a future Reader Rants, like Cagewriter on Facebook and share your opinion on our Facebook page.

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's problems with the UFC and desire to leave the promotion brought out strong opinions. Two readers think the UFC should move on from him.

Letting him go would be best for both. When you get past being a Rampage fan and reality sets in, he just hasn't looked good in a while. He's using the excuse he's been injured, but really ... come on. None of these guys are 100% going into fights. He claims the UFC doesn't promote him right ... really? He's complaining they are only giving him fights with guys that want to hump his leg, but we all know that isn't true. If it really was a problem and he's such a great fighter he would finish them before they had the chance to hump his legs. -- Rocky Williams

The man abandoned his wrestling which is what made him great. He just needs to go ahead and make A-Team sequels and call it a day. -- Rayburn Wesley Mitchum

Cagewriter's ranking of weight classes was viewed as almost correct.

Your ranking of the weight classes in terms of strength was off only in one aspect. welterweights should definitely be higher than middleweights think about all the contenders. Yes, middleweight has Silva, Munoz, Sonnen but welterweight has GSP, Jon Fitch, Jake Shields, Jake Ellenberger, Carlos Condit, Nick Diaz, Johny Hendricks, Josh Koscheck and many more who I believe are easily top ten fighters if they choose to move up a division. -- Daniel Jeong

One reader wants to see fighters stop making excuses when they lose.

Your only excuse for losing a FAIR fight should be that you gave it all you had and it wasn't enough. Not that you stubbed your toe or you fought with an injury. There is no "You're bigger than me, controlled the octagon better and had my back against the cage", BJ. That's the name of the game. Your opponent was better than you that night. End of story. -- Amanda Allen

And another wants to see some civility in the comment section.

My one rant is the constant whining and crying from the internet commenters. Bash every article posted on Cagewriter and the other sites. They bash the UFC no matter what they do or don't do. Just non-stop foolishness. Very uninformed comments based on skewed views on various topics. -- Rocky Moore

Do you want to make your opinion known? Follow Cagewriter on Facebook.


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

International travel and your laptop

Shanta Hasan asked me for advice about traveling internationally with a laptop.

Many travel concerns are identical whether or not you're crossing international borders. I'll start with those and then go on to specifically international issues.

[ Get all the details you need on deploying and using Windows 7 in the InfoWorld editors' 21-page Windows 7 Deep Dive PDF special report. ]


emma stone colby rasmus donovan mcnabb

Knockout of the week part II: Dennis Siver?s spinning back kick

MMA judges do not award points for originality, and wins are still wins whether they happen with style or not. But that doesn't mean MMA fans won't appreciate a knockout with a little flair from time to time.

Dennis Siver brought that panache to his fight with Nate Mohr at UFC 93. He took him out with a spinning back kick to the abdomen and following up punches.

Siver then used the same attack to take out Paul Kelly at UFC 105. Watch Siver's next bout on UFC on Fuel in April.


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Cee Lo Green is Moved to Tears

"The Voice" coach cries when two of his team members sing a beautiful ballad. See his emotional moment.


biggest loser season... blagojevich indictme... illinois governor ro...

How to disappear for a year

by Jini Reddy

Bored of the rat race? Hopelessly addicted to travel? Or maybe you?re simply craving new (and fabulous) scenery, a life change, an adventure or a time out.

Whatever the motivation, unless your pockets are lined with gold you?ll need cash to fund your year out. If you don?t want to waste a minute, here?s how to earn it while on the road.

Click on your preferred great escape:

Scuba instructor, Malaysia  |  English teacher, Thailand 

Cruise ship worker, Caribbean  |  Ranch wrangler, U.S.  

Farm worker, Sierra Leone  |  Yacht hand, France 

Ski instructor, Austria  |  Tour guide, Africa  

Bartender, England  |  Massage therapist, Seychelles  

Rafting guide, Zambia  |  Bollywood extra, India

1. Scuba instructor in Malaysia

dive instructor jobsCoolest office ever.Few things take you out of the ?real world? as well as an hour?s swim 10 or 15 meters below an ocean surface. So if you?re a confident swimmer, training to be an accredited scuba dive instructor could be your calling.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Louie Vito and Ryan Sheckler Shoot Guns in Livin' Louie EP4

It's good to be Louie Vito.

From being featured on Dancing with the Stars to hanging out with models and celebrities, this pro snowboarder knows how to live life to the fullest.

But what exactly is it like to live like Louie?

The fourth episode of Livin Louie shows what happens when you take pro snowboarder Louie Vito off the slopes and into straight into "Dragon Man's" gun range. Vito fires off M16s, AK47s, and even a couple of home-made flame throwers..


1812 overture andy kennedy roy pearson

House Of Vans Coat Drive

This Saturday, December 17th is the second annual House Of Vans Coat Drive from 1-6PM at the House Of Vans in Brooklyn. There will be a best trick contest for cash and sneakers and live performances from DJ PF Cuttin and McRad. Admission to the event is a new or slightly used coat to be donated to NYCares. be sure to RSVP here.


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Suit Days at Home - Alex Pastor

Shot in Tarifa during 3 days in this winter. I usually travel somewhere warm during the off season but after so many years travelling non stop I decided I would give my homespot a try, so I could spend some time at home and enjoy the good things of it. I was really surprised with how good the conditions were. This was definitely a really good choice. Shot and edited by Andre Magarao song: Moby - Flower


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Tim Lincecum test drive with Bryce Menzies - Red Bull 4 Wheel

While in Phoenix for spring training, Tim Lincecum took the opportunity to meet up with champion TORC off-road truck driver Bryce Menzies at Firebird Raceway. After suiting up, Lincecum went for a wild ride in Menzies' 800 horsepower Trophy Truck, sliding through turns and catching air over the jumps. But it's one thing to take a ride, and quite another to do the driving yourself...


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Ask Engadget: using an iPad as a remote viewfinder?

We know you've got questions, and if you're brave enough to ask the world for answers, here's the outlet to do so. This week's Ask Engadget inquiry is from is from William who is looking for an solution to the problem of badly designed public spaces. If you're looking to send in an inquiry of your own, drop us a line at ask [at] engadget [dawt] com.

"Hi guys. I'm getting married in a church with a weird split-hall design. The result is that half of the attendees won't be able to see the ceremony at all! I'm wondering if I could hook up my Canon Rebel T3i up to my 3rd-generation iPad and use it as a quick-and-dirty closed-circuit display? There's no WiFi in the location, so it has to be a wired solution too. Please help me!"

It's an interesting request and that's why we're here: solving those problems that three minutes on Google just can't. So, dear friends, what say you? Wish the soon-to-be-wed couple all the best by adding a helpful solution to the comment feed and spread a little joy.

Ask Engadget: using an iPad as a remote viewfinder? originally appeared on Engadget on Sat, 24 Mar 2012 22:55:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Arctic Cold - Jeremy Jones' Further Unplugged Episode 4

Cameraman are always the unsung heroes of any production trip. In the Arctic Circle they face a formidable challenge: the cold. With temperatures often -15 or below in the Arctic, cameramen face bigger camping challenges than ever before. This is what it takes to get the shot. Further Unplugged takes you behind the scenes of Jeremy Jones' two-year snowboarding film, Further. Get an inside glimpse of what goes on between the lines as Jones and other top riders including Terje Haakonsen, Xavier De Le Rue and Josh Dirksen travel to exotic locations such as Japan, the Arctic Circle and the Wrangell-St. Elias Wilderness. Challenges arise around every corner as this crew attempts to push their minds and bodies further. Click Here To Watch More Further Unplugged Episodes:


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Silas Spring Summer 2012

Preview of their new collection featuring Jin Shimizu: Simple and basic = perfect. Filmed and edited by: Filmed and Edited by Shane Connolly Check out more of all the goods Here:


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Senna considering two-stop strategy

Bruno Senna believes that anybody making proper use of a two-stop strategy during Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix will have a big advantage over those stopping three times. Formula 1 tyre supplier Pirelli is expecting most drivers make three stops during the race , with the heat and humidity at Sepang causing high levels of degradation to the medium compound rubber. But after qualifying, Williams driver Senna said that if a car can be set up to look after its tyres well, then the time gained through not making a third stop will more than off-set any pace loss during a stint.


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Stoner heads Jerez opening day

Casey Stoner topped the opening day of MotoGP's final pre-season test of 2012 at Jerez on Friday. The reigning world champion completed 54 laps on his Honda and set the benchmark time of 1m39.146s on his very last tour, leaving him 0.273s ahead of Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo


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YouTube viral video gives Melbourne edge over Sydney

Double good news for Melbourne right after the Formula 1 circus hit town for the Australian Grand Prix -- not only has it has surged past Sydney on visitor numbers, but it has also spawned a YouTube viral sensation.

Credit goes to Victoria?s ?Play Melbourne? campaign, which launched last year in a bid to raise the profile of Australia?s second city.

Aside from giving away free air tickets to Melbourne every week, the promo has also been running a quirky video highlighting what organizers see as the ?fun? aspects of life there.

The flick shows a group of flighty young visitors racing through the city, finding delight and surprise in equal measure.

Lashings of fun

Backed by more than a million YouTube views, that?s something those pulling the strings clearly believe matters to incoming travelers.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Brawn fed up with wing row

Ross Brawn believes that if rival teams are so concerned about the legality of the rear wing on the Mercedes F1 W03 then they should make an official protest before a grand prix weekend gets underway. The Mercedes system, often referred to as a DRS activated f-duct, has been the subject of much talk since the season kicked off in Australia last weekend.


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Microsoft adds Git support to CodePlex repository

Responding to user demand, Microsoft now allows projects using its CodePlex open source code repository to use the increasingly popular Git version control system built by Linux creator Linus Torvalds.


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J.T. and Jessica Biel's Wedding Plans

Justin and Jessica are getting ready for their walk down the aisle. Hear what's in store on the happy couple's big day.


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Friday, March 23, 2012

Straight From The Beer Fridge

Back by popular demand, we reach into the Skuff TV vault and step back in time when BEER FRIDGE was running rampant on the airwaves of Skuff TV. Check out all the carnage.


king arthur

All-heavyweight main card set for UFC 146 includes five bouts and 2,500 pounds of heavyweights

Dana White is a great promoter because after listening to him talk for just a brief while, he can make even a so-so bout sound like the next Fight of the Century.

The UFC president says a fight is "big, it's [expletive] huge," so often, he ought to consider trademarking the phrase.

But on May 26 at UFC 146 at the MGM Grand, it won't be hyperbole when White calls the card "big" and "[expletive] huge."

For the first time in UFC history, the main card will consist of five heavyweight bouts, putting about a ton-and-a-quarter of heavyweights into the cage in a three-hour span. UFC 28 featured four heavyweight bouts, but White was able to top it for UFC 146 when he finalized a bout between Stefan Struve and Mark Hunt that is expected to open the pay-per-view broadcast.

Also on the main card on the show will be Shane del Rosario against Gabriel Gonzaga, Antonio "Big Foot" Silva against Roy "Big Country" Nelson, former heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez against "Fracturing" Frank Mir and, in the main event, a title bout between champion Junior dos Santos against No. 1 challenger Alistair Overeem.

Heavyweights have long been the most popular division in combat sports and the heavyweight champion is often regarded as the so-called "baddest man on the planet."

These 10 heavyweights average 6 feet 3 inches and 253 pounds. Most interesting, though, is that they have combined for a 162-51 record, and have 144 finishes among those 162 victories, according to records from Sherdog. They've combined for 83 knockouts and 61 submissions.

Of their 51 losses, they've been finished 35 times. That means that of their combined 213 fights, the bouts have been finished 179 times, or in 84 percent of the fights.

The group includes the reigning UFC heavyweight champion (dos Santos), two former UFC champions (Mir and Velasquez), a Strikeforce champ (Overeem) and a former International Fight League champion (Nelson).

Tickets go on sale for the show at the MGM Grand box office on March 30.


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Amazon deal alone can't save Eucalyptus from OpenStack

Amazon deal alone can't save Eucalyptus from OpenStack

Private cloud company Eucalyptus got a much-needed boost yesterday when public cloud giant Amazon announced it will support interoperab


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Quartersnacks: Ishod Wair Since Day One Remix

Ishod Wair now rides for Real Skateboards.


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First Drive: 2012 Volvo XC60 R-Design

Filed under: , , , ,

Swedish Model Goes To The Polestar Gym, Comes Back Stronger

2012 Volvo XC60 R-Design front 3/4 view

BMW has its M Division. Mercedes-Benz has AMG and Audi has a range of S- and RS-badged models. Volvo has... well, what does Volvo have, anyway? Yes, we're all familiar with the brand's sterling reputation for safety, and in recent times, for attractive Swedish design. Not long ago, with the introduction of the latest S60 sedan, Volvo even took a stab at injecting some so-called naughtiness into its machinery. And while all those adjectives are welcome, Volvo's reputation in the United States has never really included performance, despite some credible offerings like the 240 Turbo, 850R and S60R.

Interestingly enough, that's not necessarily the case in its home market of Sweden, where Volvo has been racing and winning in competition for years, oftentimes with the assistance of a tuning company known as Polestar. Since 1996, Volvo has been working with Polestar in an official capacity, and for 2012, the automaker is introducing its United States customers to a slew of Polestar-infused models.

Volvo's entire range of five- and six-cylinder models have been bolstered with performance updates from Polestar, and for the purposes of this article, we'll be taking a closer look at the XC60 crossover. As it turns out, this Swedish 'ute offers up plenty of reasons for consideration, even in the face of stiff opposition from Volvo's formidable competition in the entry-level luxury segment.

Continue reading 2012 Volvo XC60 R-Design

2012 Volvo XC60 R-Design originally appeared on Autoblog on Thu, 22 Mar 2012 11:57:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Zeller to make Euro Series return

Jo Zeller Racing will make a full-time return to the F3 Euro Series this season after three years away with a pair of Mercedes-powered Dallara F312s The team was a racewinner in the Euro Series with Peter Elkmann in 2006, but has made only sporadic appearances since, with its main programme being in the German championship. Austrian F3 champion Sandro Zeller, the son of the team boss, will be one of the drivers


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GroupM and Nielsen work to combine online and TV metrics

For too long Nielsen ratings have dealt with TV commercials and web ads as completely separate entities. Episodes of your favorite show streamed through a service like Hulu or from the channel's website often didn't get factored into the pricing and sales of television ads, and vice versa. That is about to change, however, as the media monitoring company has joined forces with GroupM to create Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings. The new product will combine its Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings, which measures internet advertising, with its traditional TV monitoring service to create a medium-agnostic tool for creating media metrics. Hopefully, with a unified pool of data and better monitoring services, content producers may be more likely to experiment with online distribution -- especially if they influence the flagship ratings. Check out the complete PR after the break.

Continue reading GroupM and Nielsen work to combine online and TV metrics

GroupM and Nielsen work to combine online and TV metrics originally appeared on Engadget on Thu, 22 Mar 2012 05:32:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Audi resumes test despite accident

Audi is continuing its test at the Sebring International Raceway this week, despite a serious accident late on Monday that hospitalised Timo Bernhard. The German manufacturer, which started its traditional test the week after the Sebring 12 Hours with four cars, concluded that the technical problem that put Bernhard into the barriers at Turn 17 would not reoccur on the other cars and resumed running on Tuesday. Bernhard climbed from the wreck of the R18 unaided but was taken to hospital where he spent the night under observation


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Williams hails ?night and day? progress

Williams has produced a car that is a 'night and day' improvement over its 2011 challenger, according its top engineer Mark Gillan. Pastor Maldonado threw away sixth place in the Australian Grand Prix last weekend with a crash on the final lap, having driven strongly throughout the race and put Fernando Alonso's Ferrari under late pressure. But although the end result was a disappointment for Williams, especially as it would have delivered the team more points than it scored throughout the whole of 2011, chief operations engineer Gillan believes there are still reasons to be happy.


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Openmoko smartphone reborn as hackable GTA04

German manufacturer Golden Delicious has begun shipping a hackable open source smartphone that runs a variety of Linux software, including a newly optimized Openmoko distro. The Openmoko GTA04 is available as a finished phone or as a board that slips into earlier Openmoko Neo Freerunner GTA01 and GTA02 cases, providing an 800MHz Texas Instruments DM3730 processor and a full range of sensors and wireless features....


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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Freeskiing competition Red Bull Cold Rush 2012

The world's best freeskiers rallied up to Silverton Mountain in Colorado for a backcountry athlete judged event unlike any other.Ski down to for more


manchester united vs... king arthur gabriel iglesias

Whoops! Ian McCall/Demetrious Johnson bout should have been a draw

In the first ever UFC 125-lb. match, an error by the athletic commission in Australia screwed up the result. Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson's bout should have been scored as a draw, and their fight should have gone to a fourth, sudden-death round.

After the fight, MMA Junkie's John Morgan reported that the score announced was not the score written on the judges cards he received. During the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White reported that the fight was actually scored as a majority draw. By the rules of the flyweight tournament, it should have gone to a fourth and decisive round, but the error was discovered too late.

[Also: Ronda Rousey can break out in Strikeforce title bout vs. Miesha Tate | Rousey photos]

"Controversy has stuck to us like glue. Human error happens. Johnson-McCall was a draw. Fight was supposed to go to a fourth round. The commission has taken responsibility," White said.

The two will rematch to decide who will take on Joseph Benavidez, the other flyweight tournament winner at UFC on FX 2 on Friday night. For McCall, it's another chance to give the fans a show.

"We get to fight again. I feel vindicated," McCall said.

Johnson was looking forward to fight Benavidez for the promotion's first flyweight title, but now the process will take longer.

"I thought I had the victory, and it sucks because it prolongs stuff," Johnson said.

One consolation for Johnson and McCall is that they won the $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus, and they both received their win bonuses. They will now have to schedule another fight to see when they can get a step closer to the championship belt.

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Vettel: Red Bull vindicated by podium

Sebastian Vettel said his second place in the Australian Grand Prix proved that Red Bull is in much better shape than its surprise row three qualifying spots in Melbourne suggested. After dominating the 2011 season, Red Bull found itself back in fifth and sixth on the Melbourne grid with Mark Webber and Vettel. But Vettel was able to move forward in the race, getting up to third when Michael Schumacher retired his Mercedes, and then vaulting Lewis Hamilton's McLaren for second at the final pitstops


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Whoops! Ian McCall/Demetrious Johnson bout should have been a draw

In the first ever UFC 125-lb. match, an error by the athletic commission in Australia screwed up the result. Ian McCall and Demetrious Johnson's bout should have been scored as a draw, and their fight should have gone to a fourth, sudden-death round.

After the fight, MMA Junkie's John Morgan reported that the score announced was not the score written on the judges cards he received. During the post-fight press conference, UFC president Dana White reported that the fight was actually scored as a majority draw. By the rules of the flyweight tournament, it should have gone to a fourth and decisive round, but the error was discovered too late.

[Also: Ronda Rousey can break out in Strikeforce title bout vs. Miesha Tate | Rousey photos]

"Controversy has stuck to us like glue. Human error happens. Johnson-McCall was a draw. Fight was supposed to go to a fourth round. The commission has taken responsibility," White said.

The two will rematch to decide who will take on Joseph Benavidez, the other flyweight tournament winner at UFC on FX 2 on Friday night. For McCall, it's another chance to give the fans a show.

"We get to fight again. I feel vindicated," McCall said.

Johnson was looking forward to fight Benavidez for the promotion's first flyweight title, but now the process will take longer.

"I thought I had the victory, and it sucks because it prolongs stuff," Johnson said.

One consolation for Johnson and McCall is that they won the $50,000 Fight of the Night bonus, and they both received their win bonuses. They will now have to schedule another fight to see when they can get a step closer to the championship belt.

Other popular content on the Yahoo! network:
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? Jimmie Johnson's crew chief Chad Knaus 'didn't expect' suspension for violations
? Offensive and defensive players view the Saints' 'bounty fund' differently
? Shine: Is yoga on its way to the Olympics?


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Massa: Ferrari worse than expected

Felipe Massa reckons Ferrari's plight may be even worse than the team feared after he could only qualify 16th for Formula 1's Australian Grand Prix season-opener in Melbourne. The Brazilian's team-mate Fernando Alonso was a second faster, but only 12th on the grid having spun off in Q2. "I am very disappointed: this is not the start to the season I was expecting or hoping for," said Massa


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Singapore Airlines' no-frills 'Scoot' set for June take-off

Singapore?s new no-frills airline has finally released details of its aircraft, routes and fares as it goes on a social marketing blitz to promote its launch in June.

Named ?Scoot,? the budget airline's first route will be a daily Singapore-Sydney service, said company officials, with a Singapore-Gold Coast route to follow. Over the weekend, Scoot announced it had just purchased its first Boeing 777-200 from parent company Singapore Airlines.

Execs tell CNNGo that the SIA aircraft will be painted and retrofitted in the next two months before Scoot takes to the air in June.  

The airline launched a series of videos, social media campaigns and stunts this month -- Scoot CEO Campbell Wilson rolled up to one press conference on a yellow scooter -- driving the point home that this is an airline with ?Scootitude," which is the airline's trademark. (We don't really know what it means.) 

Scoot passengers will get a choice of three fare packages: Fly (seat only); FlyBag for passengers with luggage; and FlyBagEat for anyone who wants to pre-order meals, which will be cheaper than buying them on board. According to Australian Business Traveller, there won't be any conventional in-flight video screens but passengers will be able to rent pre-loaded iPads.

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Make A Million Dollars